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Steeply Tapered Neckline

This silvery and almost grey, moonlight-blonde hairstyle builds from baby fine hair. The haircut is extreme - short with undercut sides and a steeply tapered neckline that flare into a fuller, layered crown and top section.
The fine, layered hair is point-cut for a feathery, airy texture in the styling. The hair is blow-dried for volume and lift and a firm hold product is used to allow the sculptural effect seen above.
The fringe sweeps up and over from a right side part and forms an s-curve as it whisks back into the clouds of silvery strands that create the rest of the hairstyle. Along the perimeter, the shortest lengths of the style lie close to the skin giving shape to the silhouette without overpowering or distracting from the upper elements.
Collection: Cebado Haircuts
Hair: Cebado
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