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Moderately-Short Hairstyle

In the lighter spectrum of colors we find buttery-blonde hair accented with pale-milk highlights. The style is a circular cut with uniform layering in a moderately-short length. The haircut is styled into a high-volume halo with sharply-defined curls. The large looping coils of hair are divided into thin tendrils that reflect the light beautifully.
The curls are best crafted by using a wet roller set and once the curls are set, carefully divide the curls and backcomb them so that the hair is fuller and forms a soft silhouette. A dab of smoothing serum raked through the hair with the fingers and a misting of hairspray and gentle scrunching will create definition in the hair.
Collection: Bronze Beauties
Hair: Gillis Rowland Artistic Team
Styling: Gillis Rowland Artistic Team
Make-up: Hayley Britton
Photography: Richard Miles
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