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Long Bridal Hairstyle with Curls

This is perhaps the simplest of the wedding hairstyles so far in its construction. The look shows the carefully layered haircut that helps to distribute the bulk of the hair, avoiding the dreaded "pyramid head" common among long, curly hairstyles.
The look is likely achieved using a roller set positioned off-base to minimize the volume at the scalp, while ensuring plenty of curl in the lower portions of the hair. Any styling product used would need to be gentle hold to avoid creating "hard curls" that can turn frizzy when combed out. A styling mousse would be ideal.
Once the curls are dry, the hair can be combed through using a large tooth comb or the fingers to expand the volume of the hair without breaking up the definition of the curl overmuch.
Collection: Bridal Collection
Hair: Yvette Shah at Asif Yvette, Birmingham
Make-up: Rebecca Scott
Photography: Richard Miles
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