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Bridal Hairstyle with High-Volume Curls

This broad style starts with a base of high-volume curls. The hair is then directed up at the back to form a fanned-out spray at the crown section.
The forward portion of the top section is styled smooth and parted off-center to frame the face, while the mass of curls along the back of the top section and the sides cascade into a fall of ringlets. The button-style accent jewelry creates focus-points in the hairstyle and helps keep the visual interest around the face.
The style can easily be started using a wet-set with a styling mousse, for soft, yet long-lasting hold. A firm-hold hairspray can be used on the finished coif to ensure hold of the style and keep the curls looking defined.
Collection: Bridal Collection
Hair: Yvette Shah at Asif Yvette, Birmingham
Make-up: Rebecca Scott
Photography: Richard Miles
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