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Dark Stone

Onyx; Obsidian; Jet; these all come to mind when we view this hairstyle. The highly-polished sheen and glossy reflectivity of the straight styling bring what would otherwise be a light-absorbing color to life.
The cut calls to mind the "pudding bowl" and "purdey" hairstyles of the late 60s and 70s and it further lends to the look and feel of polished black gemstones.
It resembles nothing so much as a cabochon-cut onyx, or a curved panel of polished jet. The smooth styling lends itself to movement in the hair and will offer an inky quality as the head turns to watch other heads turning.
Collection: Autumn-Winter Hairstyles
Hairstyle: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: J.P. Darbois & H. Peyre
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