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Urban Rock

Jean Louis David Hairstyles

  • punk attitude haircut
  • short gamine hair cut
  • cheek-length bob
  • bob with overcut nape area
  • cheek-long bob
  • bob with upswept styling
  • long blunt hair cut
  • bob with curls
  • chin-length bob haircut
  • bob with a broad fringe
  • versatile men's haircut
  • sexy men's hairstyle
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Hairstyle creator Jean Louis David brings us a collection of styles that he humbly calls, "Urban Rock". I say "humbly" because the looks do more than "rock"; they roll. Using intensely personalized techniques, the hair is crafted into looks that are tailored to the individual's needs and flatter their features.
The true magic, however, is that in doing this, Jean Louis David creates looks that are also versatile and can display different looks within the individual style's parameters.
Artistic Director: Nora Bordjah for Jean Louis David
Cuts, Colors, Hairstyles: Max Laffitte & Jeff Causse
Make-up Delphine Erhard
Design: Poley Luard
Photography: Derek Kettela
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