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Sexy Boy

What collection would be complete without at least one look that shows versatility for men's hair styling as well? This haircut doesn't disappoint, either. It gives us a mop-like shag style with a weight line that blends from the fringe to the sides without using sharp boundaries. In fact, the whole look is organic and undefined in terms of cut lines and edges.
The ends are textured with a light, chipped look that creates softness and a randomized, natural feel. As shown, styling can make the hair look dramatically different. You can use product to control the way the back and nape sections lie in order to create a more groomed, appearance.
Conversely, the hair can be styled loosely to create a softer, casual silhouette that is sexy and still masculine.
Sexy men's haircut
Man with modern hair wearing a turtleneck
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Collection: Urban Rock
Artistic Director: Nora Bordjah for Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Max Laffitte & Jeff Causse
Make-up Delphine Erhard
Design: Poley Luard
Photography: Derek Kettela
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