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Timeless Geometry

What you may find shocking is that this cut builds off the previous look called True Rock. Both start with a chin-level bob, but this look continues adding a broad fringe area that spans from temple to temple across the brow and falling to the top of the pupil of the eye.
The fringe is cut with extreme precision and creates a sharp line across the face. This line is then met on the perpendicular by the side lengths and squares again at the ends of the hair. In the center top of the head, the hair seems to stagger slightly and splay across the top of the head. The hair color is a rich chestnut base with slight highlighting in a toasted cinnamon shade.
Collection: Urban Rock
Artistic Director: Nora Bordjah for Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Max Laffitte & Jeff Causse
Make-up Delphine Erhard
Design: Poley Luard
Photography: Derek Kettela
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