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True Rock

The long aquiline features of our model are not only flattered, but flourish after the skillfully sculpted hairstyle is created. The cheek-long bob features some beveling along the perimeter while the upper sections are carved into a well-shaped, gently-layered bob. The nape area is overcut to create volume and a gentle, angular silhouette.
Shown are the dramatically different looks obtainable from this deceptively-simple cut. Styled with emphasis on a traditional look, you see a classy, casual hairstyle that works for business and everyday settings. However, if you add some energy and tousling in directing the flow of hair, you create a more exotic and edgy effect. Finally, using upswept styling to direct the hair away from the face and add volume in the upper sections of the head.
Bob with upswept styling
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Collection: Urban Rock
Artistic Director: Nora Bordjah for Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Max Laffitte & Jeff Causse
Make-up Delphine Erhard
Design: Poley Luard
Photography: Derek Kettela
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