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Punk Attitude

Our first haircut within the Jean Louis David Collection is called "Punk Attitude". The hair is cut into a short, gamine style without definitive structure, allowing a free-form shape to the silhouette. The resulting look is both organic and edgy.
Shown above, the look can be styled to maximize the textural elements of the cut, or kept to a more sedate - yet chic - style. While the hairstyle would be appropriate to almost any color palette, it seems luminescent here in shades of silvery-platinum and ivory.
Short gamine hairstyle
Short punky hairstyle
Short hair
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Collection: Urban Rock
Artistic Director: Nora Bordjah for Jean Louis David
Cut, Color, Hairstyle: Max Laffitte & Jeff Causse
Make-up Delphine Erhard
Design: Poley Luard
Photography: Derek Kettela
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