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Fabio Salsa - Savanna

Cut and Color Trends for Spring and Summer

  • long curled bob
  • ruffled bob
  • balayage
  • bob ruffled on the ends
  • hairstyle with voluptuous curls
  • bob styled for crimped effect
  • feathered bob
  • hairdo with frothy curls
  • naturally styled bob
  • long bob with smoothing
  • ruffled hairstyle for men
  • tapering bob
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Let's take a deep breath and give thanks not only for the warm season to rescue us from the winter blues but also for creative minds and artists of hair like Fabio Salsa, who once again turns our drab tresses into vivacious looks. The Savanna collection includes hair of all colors, lengths an textures.
The theme is to enhance the natural beauty of each women with carefully tailored hairstyles that are oozing with style and finesse. Sun kissed blondes or mysterious brunettes dazzle with sensual, effortless looks that come in casual and dressed up glam versions. These ideas show how easy it is to move from a free spirited daytime look to a style of class and seduction in the sunset hours.
Hairstyles: Fabien Provost for Fabio Salsa
Make-up: Charlotte Willer
Photos: Adel Award
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