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New and Edgy Pixie

At first glance, we see what appears to be yet another classic pixie-cut style. This assessment is essentially true, but there are updates that make the look edgy and new. The perimeter and the inner layers are steeply textured with point-cut ends for a chippy, pointy look and feel to the style. The styling is controlled chaos, denoting a wildness and free-wheeling attitude in the look.
Styling is blown-out straight with texturing product, and added pomade to give definition to the tendrils and add a glossy finish. This look is probably more mainstream than many seen these days, but is still edgy enough to turn heads at the market (or the nightclub).
Collection: Spotlight
Hairstyle: P.A.M. Creative Team
Visagist: Christine Eleven
Photography: Thommy Mardo
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