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Long Curved Forelock

This is another of the short gamine hairstyles becoming more and more popular today. It, too, is built off of a classic pixie-style cut but is made unique through finely shaped curves and edges that taper to tendril points at the various corners of the style. Even with the intensive texturing, the cutting lines of the perimeter are clean and sharp.
The upper sections of the nape and crown are layered into a feathery cap of hair that are swept forward to give interest and added texture to the look. The fringe is cut into a long, curved forelock with textured edges to create tendrils in side-swept styling.
The overall styling is blown-out in forward direction with smoothing and texturing product for a smooth, shiny finish. A dab of smoothing serum can be used on the fingers to add extra definition to the hair once the basic style is accomplished.
Collection: Spotlight
Hairstyle: P.A.M. Creative Team
Visagist: Christine Eleven
Photography: Thommy Mardo
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