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Faux-Sideburn Effect

Soft, golden, medium-blonde tones mingle in thick strands creating a deep, dimensional visage in the silky, smooth styling. Building on the traditional pixie-cut, this style features an elongated interpretation of that classic look. The short layers in the nape and sides give way to longer lengths and contouring in the foreground.
The layered locks are textured with a razor for a softer, wispy look, particularly in the fringe where the hair forms a broad, rounded point before being swept in a wide curve across the brow. The faux-sideburn effect of the hair in front of the ears effectively frames the face and draws focus to the length of the face.
With such light volume and texture to the cut, styling must be gentle. A low-heat dryer for a near-dry blow-out (using protective products) is the start, followed by lightweight styling product to give the style definition and maintain the smooth look in the finished arrangement.
Collection: Spotlight
Hairstyle: P.A.M. Creative Team
Visagist: Christine Eleven
Photography: Thommy Mardo
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