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Rope Braid and Fall of Curls

Starting from a base of long-layered, medium-fine hair colored in dimensional tones of buff, beige and tan, this dark blonde is a lovely canvas for stylists Anna Clinton and Haley Millington of K2 (Kameo) in Shrewsbury. The layers are razor-textured for soft finish and the color consists of a medium neutral base with pale highlights, soft lowlights and a few drops of golden threads throughout. The color technique is fine-grained, but prominent enough to make sure that the streaks of color accentuate the curls and waves of the hair.

In the first hairstyle we see that the stylists have added a classic style element to create an asymmetrical design. With one half of the head woven into a rope braid that is drawn across the top of the head in an "Alice band" effect, the left side of the hair is left to fall in soft, fluffy curls caressing the cheek. The fringe is styled smooth and sleek and swept gently across the brow to frame the eyes.
long blonde hairstyle with a fall of curls

In our second hairstyle, we have the hair in a simple fall of curls. A small, off-center parting is the origin point from which the hair spills forth. The fringe is curved across the brow and around the right eye and the sides and back pour down in soft, rolling coils and curls. Note the difference in the curls between the two styles and how the curls of this style are more defined and intact, while the previous style had curls that are more frothy and diffuse.
Collection: Shoot to Win
Model: Ella
Hair by: Anna Clinton and Haley Millington
Salon: K2 (Kameo), Shrewsbury
Stylist: Rachel Fanconi
Make-up: Linda Andersson
Photography: John Rawson
Art Director: Sharon Peake
More Information: Clynol Salon Exclusive