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Short Curly Hairstyles

These two hairstyles are studies in length and come to us from Vanessa Horricks and Sarah Green of VIP in Cheslyn Hay, Walsall. Both cuts and styles are crafted in pale, creamy-blonde of medium texture and curly wave. Both looks will want diffused drying and care used to protect and maintain the integrity of the curls.

The first style is a chin-length blunt haircut with a curved cut line along the lower perimeter. This creates the rounded edge and the elliptical shape of the overall style by allowing the bulk of the hair to peak at nose-level for horizontal focus. This makes this hairstyle ideal for narrow face shapes and angular features.
short curly hairstyle - blonde

The second look is much shorter, yet somehow seems more sexual than its longer counterpart. The haircut is a wedge-based cut angling up from the nape area and increasing in length to the parietal ridge and fringe lengths. The majority of the bulk of the hair is focused on the top and crown areas of the head and creates added height in the style. This is a good choice for those with rounded or shorter face shapes who need an elongating influence.
Collection: Shoot to Win
Model: Yasmin
Hair by: Vanessa Horricks and Sarah Green
Salon: VIP, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall
Stylist: Rachel Fanconi
Make-up: Linda Andersson
Photography: John Rawson
Art Director: Sharon Peake
More Information: Clynol Salon Exclusive