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Short Blonde Hairstyles

Stylists Elizabeth Brierly and Amy Aitkenhead of Hair@Jibe in Carlisle, Cumbria give us two hairstyles in a single cut. The medium is a dense head of buttery-blonde hair of medium texture and lightly wavy natural movement.

Our first photo shows the short, layered haircut with textured ends styled forward in a blow-dry style emphasizing smoothness. The style features no parting and sweeping curves to add interest to the rounded silhouette. A dab of smoothing serum or pomade is used to create definition in the hair and to isolate strands.
up-style for short hair

The second look in this pairing is an elegant, frothy up-style for short hair that is big on volume. The hair is likely rolled in a wet set to create lasting curl and through a blend of backcombing and heat-styling the whipped confection of hair is derived. Use a stiff hold styling gel for structure in the roller set, and hairspray to cement the final arrangement in place.
Modern style for short hair Short hairstyle with layers
Collection: Shoot to Win
Model: Svetlana
Hair by: Elizabeth Brierly and Amy Aitkenhead
Salon: Hair@Jibe, Carlisle, Cumbria
Stylist: Rachel Fanconi
Make-up: Linda Andersson
Photography: John Rawson
Art Director: Sharon Peake
More Information: Clynol Salon Exclusive
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