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Short Hair and Razor-Cut Ponytail

Taking the previous style in its entirety, this look adds one simple feature: a razor-cut ponytail. Now, it is as equally likely that the second style was the first creation and that the ponytail seen here was simply removed to create the fully cropped look as it is that the ponytail you see here was grafted onto the hair as extensions.
If it is, indeed, extensions, it is likely that the extensions are applied using the fusion method for a secure bond to the shorter lengths. The hair is too short for the track and sew method and the area seems potentially too small for tape-on or glue-bonding methods.
Collection: Peter Burkill
Hair By: Peter Burkill @ Headlines UK, Leeds
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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