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Dark Up Do with Peaks

We start with a razor-cut, neck-length style built on wavy hair that is then sculpted upward into an asymmetrical confection. Sweeping the sides back and twisting them up we form a foundation upon which the textured curls are fleshed out and whipped into leaning peaks.
The combination of diffused and sharp curls creates a clever variation of reflectivity in the dark hair. This adds depth to the color and gives the overall effect of black flames. To get this effect and have it last, you will need to employ many styling products at all stages of the styling: Texturing creams in the blow-out, styling gel for the curling step, light mousse when you begin backcombing and fluffing and hairspray for scrunching and giving the final hold.
Collection: Peter Burkill
Hair By: Peter Burkill @ Headlines UK, Leeds
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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