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Long, Red and Curly

Start with a long, lightly-layered cut. Whether the hair is or is not curly is less than critical since even curly hair will need to be given uniformity and structure in the curling pattern. Wrap the hair on medium-sized spiral wrapping tools, using a smoothing product and set the curl by allowing it to air dry or using a hooded dryer. Carefully remove the tools once the hair is set and finish the arranging and styling using the fingers as the primary tool.
The hair is parted on the side of the head and brought loosely across the top and fringe areas with care to prevent breaking the curl. The remaining curls are lifted gently with the fingers and tugged outward into a flared, bell shape. Small amounts of smoothing serum and pomade can be applied to keep the curls sharp and add shine.
Collection: Peter Burkill
Hair By: Peter Burkill @ Headlines UK, Leeds
Make-up: Aleesa Hall
Clothes: Rachel Fanconi
Photographer: Andrew O'Toole
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