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Contoured Bob

The last installment in this collection is another unusually-inspired design. The style is very geometric, with its rounded silhouette and angular interior. The cut is a contoured bob, with very specifically defined cutting lines and subtle undercutting to create the curved finish. The leading edges at the sides are blunt and clean, with no tapering and the horizontal fringe is a bold blunt edge.
The style is utterly smooth, and designed to lie close along the scalp with no lift before turning inward at the ends. The color is rich, and dark, but instead of the usually glossy shine, the finish is matte and absorbs the light to create a glow effect along the areas where the hair curves.
The style is likely best achieved with a minimum of product, and then only those that are able to add conditioning and texture without an excess of shine.
Collection: Neoteric
Hair & Color: Courtney Treyvaud @ Mieka Hairdressing
Photography: Trevor King
Make-Up: Benn Jae
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Wella Professionals
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