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Sometimes you just want to make a statement, and this style screams "Look at me!" Starting with a head of long, medium-textured hair, the hair should be curled gently for structure and brushed out once the curl is set. Then the hair is drawn up to the top of the head at the forward-most point of the crown section and secured in a fastener of your choice.
From this point, the topknot - as it's called - is backcombed and the curl that was set into the hair is fluffed out to form a full mass. This mass is then shaped carefully on top of the head and formed into a sweeping curlique that rests at the forehead. Using the edge of a brush or a tilted comb, the surface of the ruffed up hair is smoothed out and shaped as one would direct a sculpture.
A light misting of hairspray will provide the needed hold for the style and a touch of spray laminator can be used as desired to give a satiny finish to the look.
Collection: Neoteric
Hair & Color: Courtney Treyvaud @ Mieka Hairdressing
Photography: Trevor King
Make-Up: Benn Jae
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Wella Professionals