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Hair with Frayed Ends

Warm auburn tresses are layer-cut into this wavy, leonine hairstyle. The fringe follows a subtly-contouring line across the brows and is heavily chipped into to give that frayed look to the ends.
The style is built on a long blunt cut that is then layered with box layering to leave a defined cut line at the lower perimeter of the hair. The look works exceptionally well for those with naturally wavy hair, but can be crafted using large styling tools, gentle backcombing and volume-enhancing products.
The color is a warm auburn with soft streaks of beige blonde to enhance the wave and movement in the hair. The style is ultimately versatile - the curl can be kept wild and ragged for an edgier look, or can be crafted for a more tailored look if you want a polished effect.
Collection: Ladies Cut & Colour
Hairstyle: Hair Machine, Adelaide, Australia
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