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Elongated Forelock

In some cases, the increase in length among men's hairstyles will be seen in targeted areas. This example shows a dramatically elongated forelock style where the hair of the top section is grown out long and cut into a deeply textured curved fringe that falls to chin length at its lowest point.
The sides, back, and crown are clipper cut into a taper, while the layering of the forelock is chipped-in along the leading edge. The styling is achieved with a blow-dryer and brush using a strong hold product to create a sheet of structured fringe held firm and providing a visual focus for an otherwise mundane style.
Collection: Kinetic
Hair: Samantha Dalakian @ Mieka Hairdressing, Melbourne
Photography: Christian Blanchard
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Redken For Men
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