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Long Men's Haircut with Curls

While women's styles are growing shorter, men's are working in reverse. At least for many men, the current trends are offering the freedom for longer locks and more freedom of movement in the hair.
The stiffly dressed locks are going away and the loose waves and bouncing curls are taking the spotlight. Here we see a layered cut where the top, crown and nape are cut in a long uniform layer cut, while the sides are close-cropped to create a vertical focus and balance wider faces and features.
The cut is ideal for those with natural wave in the hair, and styling consists of a diffused blow-dry technique with a light hold product to keep the curls defined and provide gentle hold. A dab of product raked through the hair adds definition without stiffness or weighing the hair down too much.
Collection: Kinetic
Hair: Samantha Dalakian @ Mieka Hairdressing, Melbourne
Photography: Christian Blanchard
Make-Up: Ellinda Corbisiero
Stylist: Jordan Moore
Products: Redken For Men
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