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Jean Louis David

Hairstyles Winter 2008-2009

With his collection of hairstyles for the winter season Franck Perez, Artistic Director with Jean Louis David, pulls out all the stops and opts for the extreme.
Provocation and seduction are the key words to describe his collection of opulent, flamboyant, rebellious and sensual hairstyles.
  • long flowing locks
  • messy up style
  • updo with loose knot
  • boy with long curls
  • masculine curly hairstyle
  • Rockabilly hairdo
  • hairstyle to reveial intense make-up
  • flowing bob
  • bob with a short cropped side
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As in his previous collection he continues to explore the opposing characteristics of Night & Day. This season the daytime femmes fatales turn into seductive sirens at night. The rebels become really bad boys after sunset. The theme is gothic and it rocks without holding anything back.
The styles are versatile and invite us to play with them and adapt them to every personality who is courageous enough.
Hairstyles: Jean Louis David
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