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Sophisticated Look for Short Hair

A touch of old Hollywood is undeniable in this asymmetrical creation. The curly glamour comes with the lightness of a springtime morning in Paris, all radiating in the color of a tropical sunset. Elegant, playful and gravity defying, this hairstyle contains the best of all worlds, not for the undecided, but the confident and determined.
The base cut is a short bob with a side part. The stronger side gets a dynamic twist with the thick, well defined spirals that point to heaven. The smaller side however coils up in a more humble way and forms a lofty, line with the heavier left side.
The bangs are short and simple with their straight, textured fringe, all part of the one sweeping motion that shapes the silhouette of this very sophisticated look.
Collection: Hyper Classic
Hair: Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor
Make-up: Lesa Miller
Photography: Edward Brown
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