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Hair in Front of the Ear

Modern, seductive sprites like short crops. So did the NAHA jury who made this pixie cut variation a winner. Mixed structures and surprising effects that come from a creative play with different lengths put the magic factor into this style.
The short hair was layered around the head, with a long section in front of each ear. The bangs feature a shorter middle that is surrounded by longer fringes. The ends are textured and the supreme styling brings out some curls on the crown, small waves in the jagged bangs and make the long tendrils on the sides look like little wings.
This enchanting haircut is bathed in a soft but intense burgundy color, radiating warmth and mischievous playfulness.
Collection: Hyper Classic
Hair: Bennie Pollard and Team BennieFactor
Make-up: Lesa Miller
Photography: Edward Brown
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