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Classic Bob Cut

The classic bob cut - with blunt, squared ends and a horizontal fringe that extends to mid-temple on each side of the face. This hairstyle is all about clean, straight lines and smooth, sharp angles.
The hair should be blown-out straight with a flat brush and plied with protective products and smoothing serum.
The dry hair can be passed through a flat iron to give crispness to the finish, while shine enhancers will give the hair the glossy sheen that enhances the color of the hair.
Straight bob haircut with a horizontal fringe
Bob hairstyle with blunt cut squared ends
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Collection: Desperate Housewives
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Make-up: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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