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Contoured Bob

This is a contoured bob, most commonly characterized by the steeply-curving line of the cutting line that follows the shape of the jaw line.
The fringe is kept long and directed to the right to become part of the overall style. It serves as a golden veil and helps to provide balance to an angular face, or draw focus away from imbalanced or prominent features.
The passive side of the style features lengths that terminate at the bottom of the ear and curve upward to join the lengths of the opposing side in a clean line at the back of the head.
Hair with a steep cutting line
Hairstyle for an angular face
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Collection: Desperate Housewives
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Make-up: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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