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C-Shape Haircut Line

Long, razor-cut layers fall in a sweeping c-shaped cutting line as the length ranges from below the chin to below the shoulder. The hair is styled straight and smooth, but with softness and subtly curving lines to frame the face.
The perimeter of the hair is heavily textured for a diffuse and softened look. The hair is blow-dried straight, with texturing product and then raked through with fingers covered in smoothing serum. The finished look is one of defined strands slightly mussed, in an edgy, wild-woman way.
Hair with razor cut layers
Sweeping medium length hairstyle
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Collection: Desperate Housewives
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Make-up: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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