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Curled Bob

In an intriguing blend of texture, wave and finishing techniques we find this uniquely eye-catching hairstyle. Starting with a stacked bob with an elongated nape contour and blunt, concave fringe, the sides, crown and back portions of the head are curled into sharp, firm ringlets that are fluffed carefully to form an artful arrangement.
The forward portion of the top section and the fringe are styled with a glossy-smooth finish to lie close to the scalp and the forehead. The curls can be further set using a light mist of hairspray and a gentle scrunch to redefine them if they become frizzed.
Curled bob haircut
Short curled hairstyle
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Collection: Desperate Housewives
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Make-up: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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