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Convex Silhouette

You might be surprised to learn that the look seen here is based on the very same short cut as seen previously. In fact, the model is one and the same. The styling here illustrates fully the convex silhouette created by the layering as the bulk of the hair tapers toward the perimeter edges.
The styling focus in this look is for a smoother finish, rather than the high-volume swell of the previous style. Again the hairstyle is created using a blow-out, but with a texturing product and brush to turn the ends of the hair inward. A dab of pomade is used after to give layered hair some definition and emphasize the texturing in those layers.
Hair with ends that turn inward
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Collection: Desperate Housewives
Hair By: Yilshen Sherif & Heather Hookey at GWI
Make-up: Sophie Wheater
Clothes stylist: Jennie Warner
Photographer: Ian Hooten
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