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Modern Pixie

Here's another short, pixie-cut style that gets a modernized treatment. Cut with choppy layering to give an edgier look and feel, this style takes the classic pixie forelock and pumps up the volume. The top section seems to be widened to include the parietal ridge on each side of the head and the layering provides for extra volume in such a layered look.
The style is ideal for coarser hair textures, which respond well to the full-volume styling and the layering techniques. To get the look, blow-dry the hair using a strong hold product like sculpting paste and lift the hair at the scalp as you direct it forward with the fingers. Added dabs of product raked through the hair after will give the extra definition to the look.
Pixie with choppy layering
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Collection: Hairstyles Spring Summer
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure - France
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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