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Finger-Waved Fringe

In the roaring twenties, young women began to demand the right to party all night and the flappers were all the rage with their daddies' arms to cling to and swing from. This short style brings all that jazz to mind with its beautifully layered curls and finger-waved fringe.
This is a style that works wonderfully with wavy hair types as the natural curl can make for quick styling in a rush. With natural curls, simply blow-dry the hair with a diffuser until mostly dry, and fluff the curls with the fingers to keep them smooth.
The fringe and top section are then brought forward and directed in a swirl using the fingers, and comb and setting product. Allow the hair to finish drying naturally and gently break any stiffness with fingers or comb.
Collection: Hairstyles Spring Summer
Hairstyle: Top Model Coiffure - France
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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