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Hair Code by Jean Louis David

The creative team at Jean Louis David brings us their own spin on the hairstyles to be seen in Spring-Summer 2009. With a trend toward the shorter and sassier haircuts, the trend includes highly-textured longer looks (and longer looks overall for men). Let's look at these examples of the coming trends more closely.
  • pixie haircut with forelock
  • short wetlook hairstyle
  • blown-out look for short hair
  • bob with curved line
  • curved bob hairstyle
  • hairstyle with a sideways slope
  • male bowl cut
  • wild hairdo for men
  • leonine hairstyle
  • long shaggy hairstyle
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Artistic Director: Franck Perez for Jean Louis David
Make-up St├ęphanie Kuntz
Creative Director: Nora Bordjah
Photography: Derek Kettela
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