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Face Shape Enhancing Cut

Here we have a cut that takes the smooth blunt lines of the bob and combines them with the contour of the bowl cut. The cut features a smoothly curving perimeter that enhances the shape of the face and caresses the turn of the neck.
The ends are slightly textured and the perimeter lengths are undercut slightly to create the smooth inward turn of the hair. This helps to form the spherical silhouette that flatters an otherwise angular face.
The soft, warm, brown color is brightened at the forehead by slim bolts of blonde that brighten the face and draw focus to the eyes. The style is blow-dried with protective products (but nothing heavy) and a round brush, and possibly ironed smooth for the satiny finish seen here.
A light misting of spray laminator can be used to give added sheen and glow to the hair and to give a richer luster to the color. The style is obviously not going to suit every woman, but it will fit in with most environments as it is both simple, and elegant.
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
Hairstyle: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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