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Shoulder-Length Bob

The shoulder-length bob is the new modern style with fine texturing through point-cut ends at the perimeter and the fringe. This creates a soft look without sacrificing cleanly defined edges. The color is a rich, deep cranberry that gives the hair a cool, jewel-tone glow. The styling is blowout smooth and likely flat-ironed with a smoothing product and shine enhancers.
The finish is satiny but not stiff. This creates a stunning veil of hair to frame the face and act as a show-piece of its own. This is hair as a fashion statement. The style is perfect for any setting, while the color may seem too intense for more casual situations. However, you can achieve the color effect with semi-permanent color products and keep the style in a more subdued tone the majority of the time.
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
Hairstyle: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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