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Long Voluminous Hairstyle

This long, voluminous, voluptuous hairstyle resembles nothing so much as a lion's mane. The masses of large coiling, satiny curls are plumped and arranged to frame the face. The fringe is long and curled as well, creating a sweeping veil over the brow. The deep, coffee-brown color is subtly dusted with slight variances in color to give the hair a depth and vibrancy where others might only expect a matte finish.
The look is created easily with natural curl, but can be achieved with a blend of wet set and ironed curls finished with a misting of spray laminator and smoothing serum dabbed between the fingers and combed gently through the curls.
This is not a "five-minute" look, but can be created and maintained with a minimum of effort by those who plan ahead and take care to protect their hair from the bed-head effect and friction frizz from bedding. If you want your long layered hair to look its absolute best, this is a great way to get that look.
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
Hairstyle: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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