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Chic Busy Woman Hairstyle

This is a short, layered haircut with deep-cut notching to create sharply pointed ends. The perimeter of the hair is a framework of outwardly turned points with a lot of bulk in the top and crown sections to plump the silhouette into a large oval. The hairstyle is ideal for softening the harder angles of the face in the chin and jaw, taking the face from a square and softening it.
The color is a deep, spicy auburn with fiery highlights threading through the curls and adding depth and dimension to the color and deeper textural looks to the cut. With naturally wavy hair, or a creatively executed perm, this cut is perfect for the busy mom or business woman who wants a chic look, without hours of maintenance every day.
Collection: Damien Rinaldo
Hairstyle: Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia
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