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Falls of Colorful Curl

Warm, rich color without brassiness makes the perfect medium for this leonine hairstyle. True long-layered cutting gives the hair balance and evenly distributes the volume created by the masses of curl. Crafted by a wet set using randomized rollers the hair is combed out and pulled out to form the flows and falls of colorful curl.
The look is 100% woman in all her sultry, sexy and fertile glory. The color adds depth both to the look and the shine of the hair, but to the meaning as the richness and red hue implies a fire that cannot be quenched with water - the fire of passion.
Long curly hair
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Collection: Spring Summer
Artistic Director: Franck Perez for Jean Louis David
Make-up St├ęphanie Kuntz
Creative Director: Nora Bordjah
Photography: Derek Kettela
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