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Energetic Look

In many cases, simple is best and that applies to hair as well. As a prime example, this model's medium-textured, wavy hair, might respond to any number of cuts and styling techniques.
But the basic circle haircut, followed with a diffuse blow-drying and scrunching with a medium hold product, gives the hair definition, texture and body - all the things healthy hair needs to look good.
Parted on the side (in name only) the style creates a fringed look that has a gentle sideways slope and balances sharp edges and sharp features. The look is vital and energetic, and perfect for a strong woman.
Simple haircut for wavy hair
Fringed hairstyle
Hairstyle for short wavy hair
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Collection: Spring Summer
Artistic Director: Franck Perez for Jean Louis David
Make-up St├ęphanie Kuntz
Creative Director: Nora Bordjah
Photography: Derek Kettela
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