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Curved Cutting Line Bob

It's often amazing how simple changes in a haircut can make dramatic changes in the look and feel of the style it creates. Here we see a transition between two bold styles achieved with very simple cuts to alter the angles and lines of the look.
Starting from a crisply executed bob with a curved cutting line, the sleek, asymmetrical style shifts from solid and silky to chic and choppy. The elongated corners falling forward of the style are shortened using angled cutting line that draws the perimeter back upward to angle toward the nose. This rounds the silhouette and shortens the focus of the style back to the upper portions of the face.
Both styles are achieved with blow-dry styling using a flat brush, although the finishing style should be plied with a texturing product to add definition to the strands for that choppy, separated look.
forward falling bob
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Collection: Spring Summer
Artistic Director: Franck Perez for Jean Louis David
Make-up St├ęphanie Kuntz
Creative Director: Nora Bordjah
Photography: Derek Kettela
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