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Two-Tiered Hairstyle

Here we have a deeply layered hairstyle featuring a two-tiered look. The upper tier falls to mid-cheek making a fuller frame for the face and eyes. The nape of the neck is collared by a close-lying cowl of silken strands that give the impression of increased length and grace to the neck and shoulders.
The whole of the hairstyle is a mass of loose, uninhibited curls with textural definition in the style and a "controlled-chaos" effect. The style is great for wavy hair types and can be created using a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment and the fingers to scrunch the hair and maintain the curve. A dab of smoothing serum can be used to help keep the strands looking silky and smooth.
Collection: Haircuts Spring Summer
Hairstyle: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Sandra Fourqui
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