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Billowing Curls

Shiny, satiny sable strands cut in a bowl-like bob before being blown-up with billowing curls at the sides. The look starts with a near-classic bowl cut with tapered edges and chipped-in texturing.
The twist comes when the hair of the sides and back is styled into coils in order to add volume and movement in the look. The top and forward portions of the hair are kept in smooth styling form and provide a pleasing contrast to the textured curl.

The look is likely best achieved with a standard blow-out using a round brush and smoothing product. Follow this up with a curling wand to create the spiraling coils in the sides and back.
The look is obviously malleable and can be dressed up or down as needed, making it suitable for every setting from casual to dressy, elegant affairs.
Collection: Gorgeous
Hairstyle: Ad & Jane Peters
Styling: Ad & Jane Peters
Make-up: Mettina Jager
Photography: Govert de Roos
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