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Feminine Pixie Cut

How do you take the gamine pixie-cut and make it more feminine and flirty? You lengthen the fringe and top sections and style them into a froth of soft coils. Starting with a base of butter-cream blonde, the sides and nape sections are deeply tapered to create a cap of golden silk around the skull.

The top is left longer and gently textured to soften the amount of bulk and curled to create increasing wave from scalp to end - gentle waves emerge from the crown to form loose loops at the foreground of the style. It is not, perhaps, the traditional PTA-Mom look, but would certainly not cause a fuss and might cause enough of a stir that trends would grow to imitate the look.
Collection: Gorgeous
Hairstyle: Ad & Jane Peters
Styling: Ad & Jane Peters
Make-up: Mettina Jager
Photography: Govert de Roos
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