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Light Halo

This short hairdo knocks it out of the ballpark! All hair wishes come true with such a genius cut. There is enough length for big volume and yet the hair is short enough to not cover her collar. The cut follows a diamond shape in its layers so that the most volume can be created on the sides.
The deep sweeping fringe has sexy written all over it, as does the fluffy, feathery and so delightfully tousled styling. A round brush brings in the swing, a curling iron accentuates strands and adds the final touch. Ruffle fingers through it and drive them all crazy!
Short haircut that does not cover the collar
Short blonde hairdo with volume
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Collection: Autumn Winter
Haircut: Jacques Dessange
Photography: Nathalie Demontes
Styling: Anne-Séverine Liothard
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