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Wayne Daws - Short Contour Cut

Our final Clynol Protégé hairstyles come from Wayne Daws of Laurence Charles in Whetstone, London. The basis of these styles is a contour cut with mouth-length fringe and an almost mop-top quality to the cut. The sides of the haircut fall to the bottoms of the ears and lower and the back tapers down onto the neck in a smooth line.

The First photo of the pairing shows the hair styled smooth to emphasize the sleekness and shine of the golden color. With a deep right-side parting, the top section is swept forward and drawn across the forehead at a smooth angled line to merge with the left side.
Photo two is amped up with curl. The hair is pumped carefully into a mass of tight, coiling curls that rests easily in the top and crown sections. The use of a pomade and or misting of hairspray helps to ensure definition in the curls and give extra hold and stability to the look.
short hairstyle with curl in the top and crown sections

Collection: Clynol Protégé
Salon: Wayne Daws - Laurence Charles, Whetstone, London
Stylist: Clare Frith
Make-up: Liz Rochford
Photography: John Rawson
More Information: Clynol Protégé Team