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Sarah Webb - Wedge Shaped Hair

The styling of this ginger-haired beauty was the purview of Sarah Webb of Gillis Rowland Hair in Wolverhampton, UK. Ms. Webb's model was cut to create a wedge shape in her naturally curly hair to control the bulkiness.

In photo one the wedge shaped hair is styled to balance the volume and create a horizontally focused shape. There's a soft parting down the center of the head and the hair is diffuse-dried to maintain some integrity and definition in the curl.
Photo two is a reworking of the hairstyle directing the hair to the left side of the head in order to create an asymmetrical and almost topiary effect. Again, the hair is diffuse-dried and effort is made to keep the integrity and definition of the curl.
wedge shape hairstyle fro curly hair

Collection: Clynol Protégé
Salon: Sarah Webb - Gillis Rowland Hair, Wolverhampton
Stylist: Clare Frith
Make-up: Liz Rochford
Photography: John Rawson
More Information: Clynol Protégé Team
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