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The Dream Cut

Admit it, you have been dreaming about this. A haircut that suits each and every of your needs. It is super chic, low maintenance, easy to style, sexy and head turning gorgeous. The mussed look of the thick layers is done with some mousse and the fingers. But before all the styling comes the ideal cut. The back is short and reveals her light natural wave.
The fringe is the longest part and plunges in a hot curve where ever she wants it to. The hair can be parted center or side or not at all. You will have so much fun exploring all of the great styling options that this all round haircut will give you. Don't forget to ask your stylist for some golden highlights too!
All round haircut with many styling options
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Collection: Female Portraits
Haircut: Camille ALBANE by Jean-Luc Amarin
Photography: Nathalie Demontes
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